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Astros off to “great” start…

So this is my first blog on WordPress.  I thought I would just write a little bit tonight.

0-8.  What more needs to be said.  The Astros are off to their 2nd worst start in team history.  They have a chance to tie their worst start in history tomorrow afternoon when Bud Norris faces off against Kyle Lohse in the series finale in St. Louis.

Their offense is just horrific.  They have now scored 14 runs through 8 games.  That’s 72 innings.  They are averaging 1.75 runs per game.  It’s kinda hard to win games with that kind of run support.  The only run the Astros scored tonight in their 2-1 loss to the Cardinals was unearned in the top of the 1st.  There was a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today about why the Astros are scoring so few runs.  Here is that article from the Wall Street Journal from today, April 14, 2010:

“The Houston Astros began the season with seven straight losses largely because of an anemic offense that had scored just 13 runs, or 1.86 per game. Part of the reason is that their hitters are swinging at everything; they have the highest swing rate on pitches outside the strike zone, at 33.4%. Hunter Pence, above, has chased 46% of pitches out of the zone, and he’s one of the club’s best hitters.” – Dave Cameron

Those are very interesting statistics.  My brother-in-law Jon also compiled some interesting stats about the pitchers we faced the first 7 games.  Here is his take on it.

Day Pitcher 2009 ERA 2009 Wins Notes
Mon Lincecum 2.48 15 2 x Cy Young
Tue. Zito 4.03 10 Cy Young Winner
Wed. Cain 2.89 14 11 no-dec. in 2009
Fri. Happ 2.93 12
Sat. Moyer 4.94 12
Sun. Halladay 2.79 17 Cy Young Winner
Mon. Wainwright 2.63 19 Prob. Should have won Cy Young
Average: 3.24 14 4 x Cy Youngs…

Now this is no excuse for the poor play in the first week of the season but still very interesting to see.

Jenny and I will be going to Europe next week for 3 weeks.  I will try my hardest during that trip to blog every other day with what we have been doing and photos of places we have been.  That’s all for tonight.  Maybe some more after the game tomorrow.  Goodnight.